Hearing Enhancers Revolution in The USA New Device Slashes Prices by over 90%

We Expose How Much New Hearing Devices Should Actually Cost
Post By Ron Gerald - Friday, October 25, 2019
"Finally You Don’t Need To Spend $5,000 On Traditional Expensive, Old School Hearing Enhancers Anymore…"

We’re not talking about Politics, or Lock-downs, but about a game-changing hearing device law. Million Americans stand to benefit from the next generation of advanced hearing Devices.

Thanks to the sleek design, the only thing that changes when using these new devices is your hearing, not your look!

Over 48 Million Americans At Risk

1 in 5 Americans suffers from hearing problems, leading to:

  • “Isolation from others”
  • “Distress”
  • “Relationship and family troubles”
  • “Frustration”

Current statistics tell us that over 5% of the world's population – or 466 million people – currently have hearing problems. which is basically one in every ten people – will have intensive hearing problems if untreated.

Those are some pretty sobering statistics – and they indicate that a true solution to hearing problem is needed now. And the problem gets worse when consider all the indirect effects that are associated with hearing loss.

For example, those with hearing problems often become much more likely to suffer from sadness as well as forgetfulness. The stress from hearing loss can also lead to physical problems. Stress is incredibly bad for the body and has been shown to be a factor in us developing serious conditions like heart disease and cancer. Besides these physical side effects, hearing loss also leads to isolation. You are not able to interact as closely with loved ones. Your relationships may suffer as a result.

The bottom line is hearing loss is something that needs to be taken very seriously. Unfortunately, many people still choose to ignore it and deny that they even have a problem.

Until recently there was no affordable way to fix hearing problems. When first looking at hearing-aid, I was shocked by the high prices. So-Called Premium Devices sold by shady audiologists and greedy big companies cost an average of $4500, Many charged even $5,000 – and only last a few years at best! About 48 million Americans experience hearing loss as they grow older, but only a small share of them -- about 14% -- use the devices, mainly because of their price. Aidion challenges the status-quo in America by offering a Premium Rechargeable Hearing Device at a fraction of the cost. American consumers can save 90% on a pair of hearing-aid, with average savings of $4300!

In fact, right now Aidion™ is offering their hearing Enhancers for a price that is more than 85% off their regular price and that is just a small fraction of what other Hearing-aid companies charge.

That price along with the description of its cutting edge, this new device uses a unique algorithm to deliver better than normal hearing. You will notice remarkable improvements in your ability to clearly understand speech, even in noisy environments like a busy restaurant.

Company’s long-lasting rechargeable battery, its lightweight stylish design and its German chip technology as all reasons why he believed its clearly the best.


Because of the Over-The-Counter Hearing Device Act of 2017 that Elizabeth Warren introduced as a bill and President D.J Trumps signed into law, Aidion™ is now able to offer hearing Devices up to 90% off traditional retail prices.

“This law will make a life changing difference for millions of Americans who experience hearing loss but can’t access the Hearing Device technology they need because of high costs and excessive regulations,” Senator Elizabeth Warren said in a statement at the time of the President’s signing.

Americans now finally have a choice:

With the revolutionary next generation of hearing Devices from Aidion you’ll always be able to hear what others are saying, whether at dinner with the family or in a restaurant with a date!

Thanks to high-grade microphones and noise-reduction technology, the next generation of Aidion hearing Devices allows for unmatched sound clarity! By filtering our background noise and amplifying the voice of others, Aidion users always hear what’s important. That means you’ll hear every word of every conversation. The best thing, aside from the price, is that the devices are 100% advanced! They Look like modern Music earbuds. Nobody will even notice you’re wearing them!

Acting now is more important than ever

The sooner you start tackling your hearing problems, the better. The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found in a 12-year study conducted by their neurology department that untreated hearing loss increased the risk for dementia.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found in a 2011 study on hearing loss for adults 50 years and older, that hearing loss is associated with increased emotional dysfunction, Distress, and social isolation.

Lets not forget - worsening eyesight and glasses, hearing problems tend to get worse when left untreated. By using hearing Devices you’re not only able to hear the world around you, but you also stop your hearing problems from getting worse!

Aidion™ Exclusive in detail on the video below:

Early-Bird Perks Available

Aidion is driving an American revolution. A revolution needs to be dramatic and impactful, which is why, for a limited time only, Americans with hearing problems can cash in TWICE when choosing to fight their hearing problems with Aidion!.

Aidion is giving out 100 hearing Devices at a whooping 80% off the MSRP! On top of that, for the first 100 purchases, Aidion is gifting the rechargeable base 100% free!

Try Aidion™ Risk-Free For 30 Days

Because of the Over-The-Counter Hearing Device Act of 2017, Aidion™ is now able to offer hearing Devices up to 90% off traditional retail prices.

Since the publication of this article, Aidion™ is offering our readers their hearing Devices to try risk-free for 30 days to help the millions of Americans that need hearing Devices, but go without them because traditional hearing Devices have high costs and excessive regulations.

At up to 90% off traditional Hearing Device prices, costing only $199, free shipping, and a 30 day trial period, its risk-free if you’re not satisfied.

As a bonus...

Benefit from these free early-bird perks:

  • 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Premium Rechargeable Carrying Case
  • Free Shipping
  • Senior Discount (enter code SENIOR2020) During Checkout


After fitting the correct size cup on these so it will fit up in the ear deeper. I will put this set up against any aids on the market made. The sound quality is great. on a scale of 1-10, I give these a 20.

Steven Boyer

Emphasis your well being.

“Works great, only took me a week to get used to. Once I got the sound settings to my needs, they work very good. I highly recommend the Aidion AIDS.”

Earl McBride

Crystalline sound experiance

“Five-star review, tried others previously. Never heard sounds like now.”

Jacqueline Toms

Noise Reduction device

“The ease of use and the sound quality is supreme. This product has surpassed all other hearing devices that have cost upwards of $4k per pair. As a precaution I have ordered a second set.”


Small but powerful device

“Works great, only took me a week to get used to. Once I got the sound settings to my needs, they work very good. I highly recommend the Aidion AIDS.”

Danyel McBride

Amazing hearing aid

“Ive purchased many hearing aids , in the past,,,but these are remarkable,,, I hear sounds I have never heard from other hearing aids. Its not just a louder sounds, like so many other hearing aids offer,, but the clarity is amazing,, I hear water running, birds singing, and a lot of things I have missed. I sincerely recommend these aids. I had a problem with one that was charging all the time,, but the company was very reliable and sent me another,,,Its a good company that you can depend on when you need them,,,, go ahead and order yours,,, you will be amazed.”

Bob Yates

Convenient hearing aid

“So far so good. Never had this type of product before.”

Timothy Morley

They work great and sound natural

“I bought the set of hearing aids and they work great and sound natural. They are every thing that they say. I only use the left right now. If I use one in the right it's to loud. I can hear fine from that ear.”

Charles Kolarik

Easy to operate

“I started going deaf 30 years ago, in my 50's, and am now profoudly deaf in my late 70's. I have owned both in-the-ear and behind-the-ear types. The behind-the-ear types can be very powerful but the in-the-ear types generally give better clarity of speech. The new Aidion units are in-the-ear, and give a quality of sound only slightly less good than a $9,000 pair that I tested recently. The in-the-ear design is a blessing when we have to wear masks, as are the rechargeable batteries that don't have to be replaced all the time. The under-$200 initial cost is fantastic as is the savings on batteries. The case functions as a recharger when plugged into a USB port. I only wish that the case came with a longer cord.”

Benjamin Blumberg

Satisfied by using it

“I'm so glad I purchased Aidion Hearing Aids. Thank you for allowing me to hear again at a price I could afford!!!”

Steven Matlock

Enhance hearing experience

“I just recently purchased this hearing device and is awesome and highly recommend!! I’m 58 and my hearing is going bad so needed to do something. A friend who bought this highly recommended and and so thankful to him for this. This device is suburb.. everything is so clear and distinct and hearing things I never heard before. You can change the volume 4 or 5 levels up so you can make what you hear as loud as you want. I can hear my ferrets neck bell ringing in a room 20 feet away.. I say wow!!! Highly recommend this device and won’t regret it.”

Mark Esposito

A powerful device

“I was skeptical of the quality due to the pricing, but was pleasantly surprised. For years I had dealt with some hearing loss but couldn't spend thousands to buy hearing aids. It's hard to believe all the things I haven't been able to hear in years. Thank you Aidion!!!”

Jim D

Synchronizing with in short time

“I haven't used the devices very much yet ,but once I got them working, they worked very well. I am on the edge of using them every day but haven't gone quite that far. I wish I had waited a couple of weeks to obtain the new ivory models. They look a lot nicer than the black colored ones. When I insert the devices, it seems to increase my tinnitus but it does decrease after a while.”

Bruce Furness

They works great

“Definitely worth the $200. These are replacing a 5k pair. They work just as well. Only beef I have is the size of them and the black color. All in all, worth the money, if nothing else just to have a spare pair hanging around. Shipping was a bit slow, but after a few emails, they were shipped and their situation was explained.”


Rechargeable with affordable price

“Yes...for the price they are worth it I paid only $399 for these and they perform just as well as my $4000 hearing aids. My old ones didn’t really perform well and I hated changing the batteries. These are rechargeable and definitely affordable”


Use without clumsy hardware

“It’s true... In the beginning I thought that they would fall out of my ear but then Charles helped me input it correctly so that it sticks to my ear. These look just like regular music Ear pods, everyone assumes I’m just listening to some good music with out a clunky hardware stuck behind my ear.”


Adapt precisely

“The only problem that I have is that it keeps falling out of my ear, Yes it does help my hearing My wife isn't always had to repeat everything she said but now I hear her the first time.”

Ronald Ahrens

Fashionable & may be deceived by its tiny appearance

“Aidion hearing aid does really work. after wearing it for 3 weeks. my ears adjusted well. my grand kids tried to take it from me because he thought it was ear pods to listen to music on his ipad, he told me they looked cool. i dont care how discreet they are, i just care that it is modern technology for an affordable price. i will be telling my friends to try it today.thanks aidion”


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